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If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms then the chances are that your clutch is about to fail. At New Lane Motors you’ll get a new clutch plate, pressure plate and slave cylinder and we only use quality parts.


The clutch is an essential part of your car, although it’s not always easy to know when it needs changing.

The clutch plates inside your vehicle are kept together by springs. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the plates separate, allowing the gears to be changed.

The clutch will eventually wear down with this repetitive action until it needs replacing.

Indications that you may need a new clutch:

  • The engine revs increase but the vehicle speed does not
  • The engine revs change without you pressing the accelerator
  • The clutch ‘slips’
  • Loss of power to the driving wheels
  • High or low biting point
  • You have difficulty changing gears or there is a grinding noise when you change gears
  • Juddering as the clutch pedal is lifted
  • More pressure required to press clutch pedal

Pop in to New Lane Motors and we’ll tell you if your clutch needs replacing.