With the current state of the roads in and around the county, suspension parts are being tested to the limit by pot holes and poor road surfaces. Suspension has never had to work so hard when you also think about the number of speed bumps popping up all over the place like mole hills!

If you feel your suspension may have suffered due to a recent impact then a suspension check at New Lane Motors will put your mind at rest. It is important to keep your suspension in good working order as many of the vehicles other parts are attached or connected to the suspension, so damaged suspension could lead to damage of other parts on the vehicle.

and give your vehicle its bounce back!

Having a poor suspension can affect your ability to stop and turn your vehicle. Here are some signs your suspension may need repairing:

Uneven tyre treads - If you notice the tread is wearing down unevenly on your tyres it could be due to the suspension not holding the car evenly.

Drifting or pulling when turning - This may mean the shock absorbers are no longer keeping the vehicle steady against the force of turning. If you feel this while turning, it's time to bring your vehicle to New Lane Motors for a check up.

Having a rough ride - If you start to feel every bump in the road or your vehicle bounces it could be your suspension parts are wearing out.

Dips forward when stopping - When the shock absorbers are worn out the vehicle may jump forward and nose down when you apply the brakes firmly. This can affect your ability to stop the vehicle quickly.

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