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Benefits of Engine Flush:

  • Remove all harmful deposits from Crankcase
  • Free sticking valves
  • Improve Compression
  • Prolong the life of new Oil
  • Restore Optimum Performance
  • Complete Care for your Engine and total peace of mind

for our various service options and prices.

Hybrid vehicles need routine servicing too. That’s why our staff have been trained to work on hybrids as well as diesel and petrol vehicles

Benefits of Fuel Treatment:

  • Enhance Fuel Economy
  • Clean Injectors
  • Reduce Exhaust Emissions
  • Restore Performance

Benefits of Oil Change:

  • Cleaner Engine
  • Longer Engine Life

European legislation now says that you can have your vehicle serviced by an independent garage without invalidating your warranty and many of our customers choose us above their main dealer.

Our customers and their families have been returning to us for over 20 years so we must be doing it right!

Service includes:

  • Electrical checks
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Welding
  • Car engine diagnostics
  • Cambelt changes

Once we have fully checked your vehicle we can do diagnostics on various parts to ensure that they are working exactly how they should be. From the engine to the brakes we ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. For more information on our vehicle servicing or to get a quote give us a call today.

Here at New lane Motors we understand that servicing your vehicle is an important part of its maintenance. Many problems our customers face are due to long gaps between services and repair bills can be reduced if general maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. Regular services will improve performance, prolong your engine’s life, reduce the chance of a breakdown, identify repairs before they become expensive and provide a service history for your vehicle.

If we find additional problems during the service we will contact you before carrying out repairs.

We use quality branded parts and oils.

Your old parts will be retained for you to inspect.